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Victorian Time Line


Victorian Era Time Line (a continual WIP)

1837, June 20–Queen Victoria ascends to the throne–start of the Victorian era
1861, April 12–Shots fired on Ft. Sumter–start of the Civil War
1863, July 1-July 3–Battle of Gettysburg
1865, April 9–Lee surrenders, end of Civil War
1865, April 14–Lincoln¬†assassination
1873–The beginning of the “long depression” originally known as “the great depression”
1873–passage of the Comstock Laws
1874–grasshopper plague
1876–Invention of the telephone
1876, June–Custer’s last stand
1876–Colorado becomes a state
August 5 1901–Queen Victoria dies–end of the Victorian era, start of the Edwardian era


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