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Caroline Clemmons


Gambler Nate Bartholomew is a charming scoundrel who knows all the rules–and just how far he can bend each one.  He follows Sarah Kincaid, determined to recover money and jewels he feels mistakenly passed to her.  As she returns from settling her mother’s estate, Sarah rescues three children from poverty and disease.  Responsibility for the youngsters is the catalyst for the shy spinster to blossom into a no-nonsense commando.  Having determined Nate is following her, she bravely enlists his aid in transporting the children to her home in Texas.  Though she knows he is a scoundrel, she comes to believe in his innate goodness.  Nate lingers in Kincaid Springs, intent on regaining his riches and bilking the Kincaids and their community with his most clever con.   He succeeds only to find himself entangled in Sarah’s sweet homespun web.


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  1. Caroline Clemmons says:

    This book is now also available for e-download from Avon with a diferent cover.

    Anyone who wants a print copy of this book can get an autographed one from me at

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