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Battle at Kennesaw Mountain – This Day in History


Sorry I’m a day late posting, but 150 years ago yesterday, the Battle at Kennesaw Mountain was fought resulting in a Confederate victory.

Earlier that week, on June 18th and 19th, General Joseph E. Johnston withdrew his army to a new position beside Kennesaw Mountain in Cobb County, Georgia. His forces entrenched in an arc-shaped line north and west of Marietta. The troops protected the Western & Atlantic Railroad, a supply link to Atlanta.

generalshermanSherman had defeated General John B. Hood’s troops at Kolb’s Farm on the 22nd,  and was sure Johnston’s line was stretched too thin. He  decided to launch a frontal attack with diversions on the flanks.

After an artillery bombardment, Sherman sent his troops forward on the morning of June 27 .  They overran Confederate pickets south of the Burnt Hickory Road, but found attacking an enemy that was dug in to be futile.

The fighting ended by noon, with Sherman suffering high casualties.

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  1. bethtrissel says:

    Very interesting snippet of history.

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