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So there’s a lot of Cape slang in this dictionary, but there aren’t generally a lot of references. I’m going to write all of them out in the same post. Most of them are defined as nautical in origin. I’d go so far as to say all of them are in some way nautical in origin.

Cape Ann turkey, also Cape Cod turkey. North east in origin. salt cod 1844 and 1865, respectively

Cape fever, also Cape Horn fever. a pretended illness. 1830 and 1847 respectively. It seems it was used mostly to get out of hard work.

Cape Flyaway–a vision of land that is not real, often mistaken for a cloud. 1805, but not many references. “She looked out the port window and thought they must be almost there when she saw land, but it turned out to be only Cape Flyaway.”

Cape Misery–Cape Horn. Only one reference, 1866

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  1. I’d never heard of Cape Flyaway. Sounds like my mind. LOL Thanks for keeping us informed.

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