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This Day in the Civil War – April 26, 1863


Here’s a summary of what was going on 150 years ago today.

General Ulysses S. Grant continued with his preparations to move his army, currently on the west bank of the Mississippi River, over to east side for the upcoming attack on Vicksburg.

Also on this day, a Confederate unit under the command of General Marmaduke launched an attack on Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The attack was repelled when Union General Abel Streight drove his his cavalry, mounted on mules for lack of available horses, through Alabama toward Georgia.

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  1. Can you imagine the image of a cavalry arriving on mules? I bet was an embarrassing attack. Very interesting. We were discussing the army using camels on one of my loops this week. I’d say that would be even worse than the mules.

  2. Yeah, that is a funny picture, Paisley! And camels? lol

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