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The Battle of Fort Hindman


January 9-11, 1863, at the Arkansas Post at Fort Hindman, Confederate forces disrupted Union Army shipments along the Mississippi River. As a result, Major General John McClernand combined forces to capture the fort.

Union troops emerged from boats that landed near the Post on the evening of January 9, 1863. They moved upriver to the fort.

Major General William T. Sherman’s corps overran Confederate trenches. The Rebels retreated into the fort and rifle-pits beside it.

On the 10th, Rear Admiral David Porter sent his fleet toward Fort Hindman, bombarding the Post and withdrawing at dusk.

Union artillery set up across the river and fired on the fort on the 11th, then the infantry moved into attack positions.

Union ironclads shelled the fort, while Porter’s fleet cut off any Confederate retreat.

The Confederate command was forced to surrender that afternoon.

The Federal Army did incur losses as a result of this battle, but the victory, although it didn’t in any way contribute to the capture of Vicksburg, eliminated the stoppage of Union shipments on the Mississippi.

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