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Nathan Beford Forrest Threatens Union Troops in Tennessee


On July 27, 1862, it seems Confederate cavalry leader, Nathan Bedford Forrest was at it again.

According to The Associated Press, reporting from Nashville, guerrillas regularly harassed Union forces in Tennessee. On July 27 the tenth Ohio regiment guarding the Memphis and Charleston railroad near Nashville, were attacked by a “large force of guerrillas… Thirty or forty of the regiment are said to have been killed.”

Forrest was reported to be en route from Tennessee to Kentucky “with the object it is supposed of making a descent on the Louisville railroad.”

A week prior to this attack, Abraham Lincoln had prepared the initial draft of the Emancipation Proclamation. His cabinet did not want him to make this draft public until word of a Union victory. This wouldn’t happen until September of 1862 after the battle at Antietam in Maryland.

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  1. Susan, isn’t this the man who founded the Ku Klux Klan? I seem to remember that from the movie “Forest Gump.”

  2. He’s one and the same, Caroline! He was said to be extremely prejudiced, but was also a fierce warrior who wouldn’t back down, even when outnumbered by Union forces.

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