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Q: What three brothers, infamous Old West outlaws, began their sensational careers as law enforcement officers.?

A: Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton — leaders of the Dalton Gang — all spent time wearing badges before going to the other side of the law. Grat was briefly a deputy U.S. Marshall, Bob served as chief of police for the Osage Indians and Emmett assisted his brothers in both posts.


Q: When did Jesse James rob his first bank, and where was it?

A: On February 13, 1866, Jesse James pulled his first bank job, holding up the Clay County Savings Bank and Loan Association in Liberty, Missouri.


Q: What did shootist Clay Allison do to the Cheyenne dentist who drilled the wrong tooth while treating Allison’s toothache?

A: He forcibly pulled one of the dentist’s teeth.


Q: What was the real name of Belle Starr, the ‘bandit queen’ of the Old West, and how was she introduced into the outlaw life?

A: Belle Starr’s real name was Myra Belle Shirley, and as an eighteen-year-old farmer’s daughter in Scyrene, Texas, she met Cole Younger and Jesse and Frank James, who were en route to Missouri after fencing stolen gold with a Mexican contact. The rendezvous led Myra Belle into a relationship with Cole Younger and a life of crime.


Q: What practices did Wild Bill Hickok employ to avoid being shot from ambush?

A: Worried that his notoriety as a shootist made him an attractive target for assassination, Hickok never used a front door; he normally walked in the center of the street so he could watch alleyways; usually avoided sitting with his back to a door; slept with wadded-up newspapers around his bed to deter crawling assassins; and was never out of arm’s reach from his gun. When shot to death in 1876, he was sitting with his back to a door.


Q: Who was Tom (”Bear River”) Smith, and what happened to him?

A: He was the town marshal who briefly tamed wild and violent Abilene, Kansas, during its heyday as a cow town. He was later murdered on the job and was succeeded by Wild Bill Hickok.


Q: What was Wyatt Earp’s full name?”

A: Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp.


Q: How many people were sentenced to hang by Isaac C. Parker —  the ”Hanging Judge” who presided over the federal court of the Western District of Arkansas between 1875 and 1896?

A: In presiding over his district, which included the violence-prone Indian Nation, Parker sentenced 168 persons to hang — and 88 were hanged.





  1. Great trivia, Paisley! I especially liked Wyatt Earp’s full name,’Berry Stapp’. lol

  2. I thought that was strange, too, Susan, for such a fierce type man. 🙂

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