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Woman in Black-Released Today!


This isn’t the first post I’ve done on this, so you must know what I’m talking about! The Woman in Black starring Harry Potter…er Daniel Radcliff (and other people who worked just as hard as him but aren’t Harry Potter) is released today!

I didn’t know it was a book by Susan Hill, but I might have to read it now:

Set in Victorian England, Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor in London, is summoned to Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, and to sort through her papers before returning to London. It is here that Kipps first sees the woman in black and begins to gain an impression of the mystery surrounding her. From the funeral he travels to Eel Marsh House and sees the woman again, plus he also hears the terrifying sounds of adult and child passengers sinking into the quicksand on a pony and trap.

Despite Kipps’s experiences he resolves to spend the night at the house and fulfil his professional duty.It is this night at Eel Marsh House that contains the greatest horror for Kipps. Rescued by Mr Daily, a friend he met on the train, Kipps discovers the reasons behind the hauntings at Eel Marsh House.

It was also a play in 1987 and movie in 1989, but I’m sure this one will be much better. Becuase what’s better than Victorian horror movies than one with Daniel Radcliff? Exactly–there is nothing!


  1. mary hay says:

    Sounds like a must read to me.

  2. It sounds too scarey for me. I’m more a fan of “French Kiss” as far as movies go. Yes, I’m a wuss.

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