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The Old West


See how well you know old west history:

Q: How did fast-gun Harry Longabaugh become known as “the Sundance Kid”?
A: In 1887 Longabaugh served a jail term for horse stealing in Sundance, Wyoming – an experience that prompted Longabaugh’s colleagues to refer to him thereafter as the Sundance Kid.
Q: What was the ‘border draw’ used by some gunfighters?
A: The border draw was a method of drawing a pistol worn butt-forward, in which the gunman would reach across his body to draw the weapon. It was so named because of its popularity near the Mexican border.
Q: At the time of the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral, was Wyatt Earp the town marshal or the sheriff in Tombstone, Arizona?
A: Neither. At the time of the legendary shootout Wyatt Earp was a private citizen employed as a saloon keeper in Tombstone. His brother Virgil was town marshal in Tombstone and had temporarily deputized Wyatt, brother Morgan Earp and friend Doc Holliday in time for the gunfight.
Q: What did Bat Masterson do with his famous “Buntline Special” – the .45-caliber Colt Peacemaker with an extra long barrel – that was reportedly presented to him in a Dodge City ceremony by an Eastern dime novelist?
A: When the ceremonies were over and the dignitaries were gone, Masterson is said to have quietly sawed off the pistol’s famous long barrel and reduced it to standard size.
Q: What kind of Old West character was referred to as a ‘leather slapper,’ a ‘gun fanner,’ a ‘gun tipper,’ a ‘curly wolf’ or a ‘shootist’?
A: A gunfighter.
Taken from “The Old West Quiz & Fact Book” by Rod Gragg



  1. What fun and interesting facts, Paisley! I didn’t know gunfighters were referred to by all those names. And didn’t know about how the Sundance Kid got his name either.

  2. I loved the fact on the Sundance Kid. It’s fun to find out where nicknames come from. Thanks, Susan, for stopping by.

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