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Dark Desires of the Druids: Desert and Destiny


Thought I’d already saved this, but then realized I hadn’t. The week really passed me by!
This is from Desert & Destiny, the third in my Druids books available from B&N and Amazon and is ony $2.49 in ebook form from Ravenous Romance.

“…an exciting story…Isabel Roman has done a wonderful job.” … The romance develops so naturally. Especially when considered how the foundations were purely physical, Ms. Roman does an excellent job of developing the passion into true romance.  4.5 Tombstones from Bitten by Books

 The first time they met, Arabelle Bahari tried to kill him. The second time, they made love on a desk in the British Museum. But they needed each other, and Gareth, Lord Moore, despite his arrogent ways and pompous manner, drew her back to him each time they met. He needed her to deceipher the magickal runes on a special box and Arabelle discovered she just needed him.

Gareth, Earl Moore, had closed himself off from the world. He had his work at Parliament and his work securing a place for his kind, magickers, in a world that hated and hunted them. When he met Arabelle Bahari, he felt an attraction he’d never experienced before. And while he didn’t trust her, he did want her.

They came together out of need, helpless to resist the passion between them. but when an old enemy tries to kill Arabelle, will Gareth realize the depth of his emotions? Or will the desert swallow them all?

Arabelle woke with a crick in her neck and a soreness pervading every inch of her body. Unfortunately, she also remembered exactly what had happened between her and Lord Moore. Every intimate, delicious moment of it.  They must have fallen asleep for a few minutes after their wild coupling.

Damn, but on her father’s desk? She’d never be able to look at him sitting behind it again. Maybe she could convince him to get another one, she thought as she straightened and stretched.

Moore stood there, looking at her. His hair was tousled, his shoulders cracked with dried blood, and his clothing wrinkled. Good. He looked less perfect now. Not that she looked any better, Arabelle realized as she finally found her shirt.

“You’re an extraordinary woman.” His voice was slightly raspy as he fixed his appearance. Pity, she liked him better rumpled. “I, however, have fallen short.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, but already knew.

“It was never my intention,” he said, looking straight at her with that aloof look back in his eyes, “to take advantage of you.”

“You have nothing to regret,” she said stiffly. “I share responsibility in what happened and shall make no demands on you.”

“I have no tact with women,” he said, and now looked flustered. “Please forgive my ineptitude. I did not intend to imply any such thing.”

Studying him, Arabelle saw he meant it. He was arrogant, took what he wanted when he wanted it, but in making love with her on her father’s desk, he truly didn’t mean for her reputation to be compromised. Frowning, she wondered if he really was a decent human being under his pompous title.

“You’ve very little experience in dealing with such matters, haven’t you.” She didn’t phrase it as a question and, shockingly, found herself wanting to reassure him.

“Ma’am,” he said and bowed at her. “I shall see you by week’s end at the Harrington Estate.”

With that very abrupt exit, she was alone.

Richard was dead, she’d finally met the Druidic masters, and had the wildest, most pleasurable sex on her father’s desk. That was one way to end a day, she supposed.

Gathering her things, she listened to Moore’s footsteps fade away. Insecurity swept over her, but she pushed it back. It was done now.

“So much for a good first impression.”

Shaking the night off, the memories and regrets, Arabelle turned down the lamps and left the office. She had to tell her father she was leaving. Not that she knew much else; details weren’t high on the master’s priority list.

Deciding to leave that for morning, she pulled her cloak tightly around her, gathered her magicks close as well, and left, but not for home. She would not leave Richard where he lay.



  1. Great excerpt, Isabel, and I love that cover. You’ve had gret covers overall. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Intriguing excerpt, Isabel! Love the cover too!

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