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Victorian Slang of the Week


Bang up—a young sport or dandy, 1821, intensely fashionable stylish—I tend to associate this more with the English or maybe the east coast.  From what I can see, that’s how it comes about most in the written word, but I’m not sure if it wasn’t used throughout the country, just not in written word.  The term “bang up” could aso refer to being drunk, or without money, or finished.  It seems to be pretty much whatever anyone wanted to make it.


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  1. Lady Eileen says:

    In Thomas Hardy’s “Return of the Native”, Grandfer Cantle refers to his yeomanry regiment being called the “Bang-up locals” because of their smart clothing. The book was published in 1878, but the reference is to Grandfer joining up in 1804. And that’s South-West, of course.

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