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Victorian Slang of the Week


Baldface—inferior whiskey—1834, throughout the century—And you thought I was going to talk about lying.


  1. Yes! I’ve heard the expression baldface lie. There must be some roots in the origninal expression.

  2. How interesting you chose today to do this word. Last night I watched an hour program on all the good whiskey has brought to this country since it was discovered all those years ago. Everything from road building to Nascar…

  3. That must be where the lie term came from. Baldface was a false liquor.

  4. Shelley says:

    As I’m reading this, I’m listening to Stephen Colbert do a great piece on punching the head of BP and having a turtle drive over him with an SUV. Relevant, because I think this book would make a great interview segment on Colbert!

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