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Civil War romance a finalist!

My Civil War romance, Confederate Rose, has been chosen as one of the finalists in the 2010 New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award.
Winners in each category will be announced on March 26th. But mainly, I’m so grateful that readers seem to like my woman soldier story. I’m also grateful to my editor, Allison Byers, and my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, for taking a chance on unusual historicals. And I firmly believe, it’s the historical romances that take a different track with historical facts that will bring readers back to the genre.

Disguised as a man to serve with her husband as a soldier in the Confederate Army, Irish immigrant, Katie Rose O’Reilly vows to remain in the ranks and seek revenge on Yankees after her husband is killed at Sharpsburg. When she falls and almost drowns in a swollen stream, Southerner Alexander Hart, a Yankee spy, saves Katie from drowing, then nurses her through a resulting fever, keeping his identity secret from the feisty and beautiful Rebel soldier even as he finds himself falling in love with her. Can Katie reconcile her loyalties with her love?


Her pale cheeks turned a becoming shade of pink. She lifted one white, bare arm from the quilt to gesture at the clothing drying by the fire. “Now didn’t you tell me to hang yer things out to dry?”

Alex grimaced. He had told her to do that. But he hadn’t expected her to go through his pack. “So I did,” he admitted.

She slipped her arm back into the quilt and lifted her chin. “‘Tis an apology I should be expecting, Mr. Hart.”

“Apology? You were going through my things.”

“Because you ordered me to see to yer wet clothes.”

Alex didn’t think he’d win this argument. “Very well, ma’am. I apologize if I’ve offended your fine sensibilities in any way.”

She straightened and hugged the quilt, eyeing him regally. “I accept yer apology, Mr. Hart.”

“Well then.” He hesitated and dropped his gaze. Her wide eyes drove his thoughts to ideas best left alone. That and the knowledge of what little she wore under the quilt. He cleared his throat. “I suggest we bed down for the night.”

“Not until you get yerself out of those wet clothes.”

His brows shot up. “I beg your pardon?”

“Ye’ll surely not be sleeping in those wet things. ‘Tis by the fire ye’ll be needing to hang them.”

His gaze settled on the clothes draped over the two chairs. Steam rose from them. “But those clothes aren’t dry yet.”

“Ye’ll not be needing clothes to sleep.” She grinned mischievously. “We’ve plenty of blankets.”

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  1. Fantastic new, Susan. I knw this is is a work of love for you. So glad your readers are loving it too.

  2. Thanks, Paisley! I love this story and worked hard on it. All I can ask is that readers love and connect to it too.

  3. Congratulations, Susan! I’m in NEC and noticed the title. It sounds interesting.

  4. Thanks, Cathryn! I’m really excited about being a finalist!

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