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Happy Thanksgiving & Lincoln


A merry thanksgiving to all our American readers!  May your turkeys be juicy and your mashed potatos turn out to be calorie free.  And while I’m here, did you all know that although Thanksgiving is considered a Colonial holiday, it is in many ways Victorian?  It was first proclaimed by President Lincoln in 1863.  According to a program on the History Channel (and here you thought I read all my information–I get it anywhere I can!) he was hoping to help unify a terribly divided  country at the time.  It didn’t work, obviously.  From what the program says, the South in fact was pretty resentful of it.  It  felt like it was a Yankee holiday being shoved down its  throat.   That at least we have all come to terms with, even if so many other controversies from that period (Darwin, for example) still rage today.


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