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What a find!


Victorian Boy 2            Since I have a little boy in my story, The Colonial and the Cottontail (part of the Northern Roses and Southern Belles Civil War anthology from The Wild Rose Press), I thought I’d blog about Canadian mothers in Victorian times.

            That’s when I found this website.  I may find something about mothers and children to blog about in the future, but I’ll have to look long and hard to find something not already on here.  I especially love the pictures of her own family members.  It really brings the times alive, doesn’t it?  There is so much more to it than the first page indicates.  You really need to look on the site map for the whole thing–and even that isn’t the whole thing, as near as I can tell.  The owner tells me it is a continuous work in process.  Enjoy.



  1. Isabel Roman says:

    Wow, what a neat site, Jenn! I haven’t looked through all of it, but I love what I see so far!

  2. I haven’t looked through all of it either. I plan to browse leisurely, savouring each section. I go to one or two per day since I’ve found it and I figure it will keep me entertained for at least another week or two.

  3. I like just looking at those pictures, Jenn! That’s a site I’ll be going to again. Really interesting!

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