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rabbit3With only three days left until the official release of Northern Roses and Southern Belles, I wanted to talk about something that has been slowly driving me insane since, oh, about the time I sent back the first round of edits on my story, The Colonial and the Cottontail.rabbit7

As you might have guessed, my story has a rabbit in it. It’s just a story prop like any other, well, that’s not quite true either. When I first started researching the actual history of the period, and began thinking about a story I could write based on this history, a rabbit hopped into my brain.

Rabbits don’t have much to do with the Civil War–at least not that I know of, no more than a squirrel, say, at any rate. Nothing in my research documents included a rabbit. And it’s not as if I am well acquainted with rabbits–I haven’t given them much thought throughout my life, not that I have anything arabbit5gainst them (as either a pet or a stew). Having said that, I have never personally owned a rabbit as a pet, nor do I ever recall eating a rabbit stew. However, the first thing–before I knew the character of my hero, and before I knew my heroine AT ALL, there was this rabbit.

Because of the rabbit, I discovered my heroine had a son and her character pretty much wrote herself after that. I had nothing to do with her development–it was all the rabbit.

But here’s the thing. A rabbit has been following me. Well, not so much following as appearing in front of me, and not so much one rabbit as a few different rabbits. I spent a week at a wonderful cottage by a river a few weeks ago, and there was a rabbit who enjoyed the bounty of the cottage’s grass every afternoon. I could go out on the patio and the rabbit would look at me for a minute and then go about his business, but when my man appeared, it would take off.rabbit9

Almost every day, it seems, I see a rabbit on the side of the road as I come home or go to work. And a rabbit has taken up almost permanent residence in my back yard. The backyard of MY unit in a townhouse complex, mind you. The one without any kind of garden whatsoever (unlike many of my neighbours). I don’t ever remember seeing a rabbit living in this greenspace before, although one has hopped through every few years or so.

Now, either Southwestern Ontario has had a sudden rabbit population explosion–in which case you’d think I’d hear about it on the news, or something else is going on here.rabbit10

Am I just noticing them now, where I didn’t before? Have you ever had a story prop come to life? Will it ever go away?



  1. Isabel Roman says:

    You may be noticing them more now, but on the other hand, sometimes story things and real life gel. I can’t explain it, but it just all works. LOL, your next book should be titled Jenn and the Rabbit. 😉

  2. What cute bunnies! Whatever the reason you’re noticing them, I think it’s fun to have such adorable creatures hang around your home.

    All we get are squirrels and sparrows and the occasional cat wandering our back yard. Of course, I’m a city girl. LOL.

  3. LOL next time the bunnies come nibbling on my strawberries and lettuce plants, I’ll suggest they head north to find you. *G*

    It is funny how things start popping out at you, isn’t it? A weeping willow tree plays an important role in one of my unfinished stories and darned if I don’t see them everywhere I go now, LOL. It’s like they’re reminding me!

    Best of luck with the upcoming release!

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