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Erin’s Rebel is out today!!

ErinsRebel_w1957_300My debut romance, Erin’s Rebel, hits the e-book shelves today. And in honor of American Rose month over at The Wild Rose Press, it will be discounted until the end of this month.
Blurb: Philadelphia newspaper reporter, Erin Branigan, is engaged to marry an up-and-coming lawyer, but dreams of a man from the past change those plans and start her on a journey beyond time. After a car accident, Erin wakes to find herself living in the 1860s in a Confederate army camp.

Captain Will Montgomery, the man of her dreams, is now a flesh and blood Rebel soldier who sets her soul aflame. But the Irish beauty holds a secret he needs to unravel before he can place his trust in her.

Can she correct a mistake made long ago that caused his death and denied her the love she was meant to have? Or is she doomed to live out her life with nothing but regret?

      She gazed up into his dark eyes. Up close they were a deep, chocolate brown. He was so damned attractive in that uniform. Clearing her throat, she found her voice. “I appreciate what you did, Captain. That man’s been harassing me.”
      “I suspected as much. Wagner doesn’t seem to know how to be respectful to a woman.”
      She had trouble finding the words to reply. The aroma of sandalwood and his unique masculine scent that had floored her when he’d carried her into Doc’s tent left her flabbergasted.
      “I’d warned Wagner to stay away from you,” he said.
      “He was so drunk, I don’t think any warning would have stopped him.”
      “He didn’t hurt you–”
      She shook her head, noting the concern in his eyes. “All I could think to do was get out of the tent.”
      “That was wise, ma’am.”
      She glanced at the bundle he still held. “Are those for me?”
      He grinned. “If you don’t mind, ma’am. I have two shirts that need washing.”
      “My pleasure.” When he handed her the clothes, their hands briefly touched. Electricity shot through her. She caught his gaze.
      His eyes widened. He swallowed and backed away a few steps, then tipped his cap.
      “Ma’am.” He turned away.
      She watched him cross the camp and disappear from sight. If a reason existed for her coming to this time period, it had to be Will Montgomery. But why had this happened? Would she ever go back to her old life, or was she stuck here forever?
      Although she’d tried to hold her emotions in check, the tension that had been building for the last few days caused her eyes to burn at the prospect. A sob built at the back of her throat. She dropped the clothing she’d been sorting in the basket and scurried into the privacy of her tent.

Erin’s Rebel available today at







  1. I’m so excited to read this book! I’ve been waiting for it to come out for a long time!

    Congratulations, Susan, on it finally being release day!

  2. Isabel Roman says:

    WOOT! Huge congrats, Susan! I can’t wait to read this, as I said before, I NEED to read the ending, I have to know what happens!

  3. Emma Lai says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on the release!

  4. Skhye says:

    LOL, Susan. Me, I don’t think I’d be thrilled to do the laundry in history… I guess your heroine has to fit in somehow. At least, she gets a sexy hunk. 😉

  5. Thanks, Nicole, Isabel, Emma and Skhye!

    Isabel, I did leave you all hanging, didn’t I?

    And the plight of women in the 19th century wasn’t a pretty sight, Skhye! What modern woman would want to be stuck there? But she does have that sexy hunk, who tips his cap and calls her ma’am.

  6. This sounds excellent, Susan! Congratulations on your release!!

  7. cathiecaffey says:

    Erin, congrats on your release! I get so emotional reading this setting. And too a time travel, sounds beautiful! Congrats.

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