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The Adelphi Hotel, Saratoga Springs, Part I


I’ve written blogs about Saratoga Springs, New York before as one of the 19th century hot spots.  It was where the rich and famous spent thier time from mid-century on.  It wasn’t until fairly late in the period, the 1880’s and 90’s, before Newport RI became the place to go, and that for the most part was for the extremely wealthy New York City socialites.

At any rate, this was where my husband and I chose to go on our 25th anniversary.  We stayed at the Adelphi Hotel on Broadway, the main thoroughfare in Saratoga Springs.  The attraction is that the Adelphi is a “rare surviving Victorian Inn.”  Actually it was closed down and on the verge of being torn down, when it was bought,  and reopened in 1980.   It’s  furnished  with genuine antiques, although most are not from the original hotel (it is over a hundred years after all).    Of course I took plenty of pictures to share with fellow bloggers at Slip Into Something Victorian.  There are plenty more at the Adelphi Hotel website.

Stair way to rooms, from the lobby

Stair way to rooms, from the lobby



This is the stairway.  There are 3 floors in the hotel.  The roof at the top of the stairway is glass, which lightens it all up considerably.  There are 3 floors of rooms.





anniversary, victorian hotel, lobby 2


The desk clerk told us that this is where the original desk was placed.  Probably between those two posts.  It’s a good distance into the lobby.





anniversary, victorian hotel, lobby 3


The desk clerk said that this is the original desk.  The mirror is also original, but he wasn’t sure where it was hanging.   I wish I’d gotten a better picture of the desk. 





anniversary, victorian hotel, upstairs parlor


This is the second floor parlor.  The furniture is beautiful.  I don’t know if hanging pictures with ribbons as they’ve done here was Victorian (I imagine so–everything else looks pretty authentic) but it’s pretty.




anniversary, victorian hotel, piazza 2


This is the piazza, on the second floor over looking Broadway.   Many of the hotels in Saratoga Springs had these, such as the Grand Union.  This was a HUGE hotel that overlooked Congress Springs Park.  There was also the United States, referred to as The States.




anniversary, victorian hotel, Star's trunk

  This is a trunk that was placed in one of the hallways.  The hallways are lined with furniture and there are several trunks.  I saw this one and decided that it will appear in my current WIP Running Wild (formerly Stalking Star, for anyone who’s keeping track). 

I thought I’d end part one, with the trunk which moves nicely into Susan’s post on travel during the period.



  1. What beautiful photos! I’ve visited restored plantation houses in the South and shops that used to be homes in Gettysburg and these were what gave me a feel for how to descibe my historical character’s homes and places they visited.

    My characters aren’t rich and famous, though, but it’s always fun to see how the other half lives. LOL.

  2. I love these old hotels and all the ambiance. I have an old trunk and would just love to know what journies it traveled.

    Wish walls could talk.

  3. Bill Shor says:

    When looking over Saratoga Springs hotels, there are many options for you to choose from, all have great benefits and are close to the towns amazing sites and history.

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