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Victorian Lady Color Analysis


It has been awhile since I blogged, and I’m deep into that finishing-school manual I’ve mentioned previously. That being so, I thought to share a little about how the Victorian young ladies handled the experience of such training.

When attending, they were in effect rather secretive, meeting at private homes around kitchen tables. Daily were the lessons, and not only did the young ladies learn the skills, but how to manufacture their own items of use, store them. Prior to dinner and the evening planned schedules and later elocutions.

There were many skills that were covered and similar to today, the young ladies were interested in their personal codes of color charts akin to what modern people call color-analysis. The Victorian lady, indeed, had a color analysis done, and kept it very close to the cuff. It was not a secret she gave away, that of her beauty enhancements. Mother Nature was the secret guide and flowers were pressed that resembled her skin and eyes and hair color coding. They were about as public knowledge as a familial cipher.

The other way the color analysis was handled was with colorful pins that were loaned to the person seeking to purchase in behalf of the young Victorian lady. The range of brightness and contrast of skin and hair and her special shade of red or pink hues were designed into a brooch or similar style. These permanent items were part of the Victorian lady’s beauty secrets and of her success, she felt, in her societies or Society, itself.

I’ll wish you all a lovely month ahead and I will look forward to blogging with you again next month on the third Thursday.tophat

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