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The Mine House


Rose Mendy was very happy with her newly purchased Mine House, located in Amador City, CA, gold rush area.  Then she realized they had gotten something in the deal their money couldn’t buy – something they certainly had not expected in the purchase price.  They got ghosts.


“I first noticed something being strange when I was in one of the downstairs bedrooms,” Rose said.  “I would hear footsteps going around the building.  My mother was in the kitchen on the other side of the house and could hear them too.  We both walked toward the footsteps thinking to greet an early guest.  Imagine our surprise when we met each other on the path.  We were both unnerved because there was no one there but us.  There was no place the person making the footsteps could have left the path and moved out of sight.  There was just no one there.” 


Things did not stop there.  Soon they noticed there were times that the water in the sinks of the bedrooms would be turned on when no one was in the rooms.  This seemed to follow a pattern.  Whenever they had a guest in their Inn that was a little sloppy, the water would be running after they left.  It seemed their ghost did not like things dirty or out of order.


Rumor has it that in the 1800’s there was a caretaker and his wife who lived on the premises.  His job was to be certain no one was permitted on the grounds without authorization when the offices were closed and the gold was locked up and safe.  He was free with his booze, but this did not seem to interfere with his ability to do his job.  His wife’s duties were to occasionally cook for the men, clean the offices, and oversee the general care of the building and grounds.  Finicky in her appearance and work ethic, this stern but reliable woman ran the place with an iron hand.  She hated her husband’s sloppy habits and love of the bottle.  She wished she’d never married him.  His meager salary, a place to live, and nowhere else to go, were her incentives to accept her fate.  And it was not all bad.  She felt lucky in one respect.  She was appreciated and treated kindly by the men who owned and worked the mine.  Her one stronghold was her feeling of importance among the men.  Degrading her husband whenever possible was an added bonus.


She loves an upstairs bedroom.  Her energy is felt in the kitchen, but she travels all around the Mine House.  She finds it her job and duty to be certain everything is in order.  She makes it certain that the owners know she feels like she has a reason to stay now.  The Mine House is beautiful these days, not cold as it was when she lived here, and her beautiful fuzzy cat is still by her side.  According to the psychic, she likes the new owners and hopes they would call her by her nickname that was given to her by the miners and townsfolk.  They called her Sissy.  Her only regret is that her husband is still there and he’s more dependent on her now than when he was alive.  She ignores him when she wants, though.


Taken from “The Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts,” written by Nancy Bradley and Robert Reppert.




  1. Isabel Roman says:

    I love ghost stories. Shame Sissy’s hubby is still with her. 🙂

  2. Paisley Kirkpatrick says:

    Thanks, Isabel. I love ghost stories, too. We have some characters living in our town and surrounding area – most of the hanging around from the gold rush.

  3. What a great ghost story! Too bad Sissy can’t find peace away from her husband.

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