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The Wild One, Victorian Romance, Reviews, Info


thewildone-200My second book, The Wild One is due out January 6.  It’s set in San Francisco (and Colorado and Texas–the characters move around a bit–they have to, they end up accused of murder and “on the dodge”) 1885. I have, I think, posted a bit about the research I did on it.  Most specifically research on ballroom etiquette since the characters attend a high society ball in San Fransisco.  I wanted to make the background as authentic as I could.  They attend the ball with the cream of San Franciscan society, including Ned Greenway and Eleanor Martin:

Blinded by grandeur, Jess only then noticed the people, some dancing to the strains of an orchestra hidden behind a row of palms, some sitting on cream silk settees and chairs, while still others stood talking in groups. 

Then the names sank in.  “Greenway?” Jess repeated, in yet another shock to her reeling mind. Over and over again she tried to swallow the lump in her throat, barely controlling the urge to flee.  “Ned Greenway?”  Dear God, and Eleanor Martin, the queen of San Francisco society.  Jess had only read about her in the society pages.  Oh no, she would not meet her, she’d rather sink through the gold-parquet floor, turn into a bird and fly through the heaven-painted ceiling.  To be anywhere but here, completely, entirely out of her realm.

Across the room Michael Hathaway spotted them. After reaching into a gold-edged white box, he withdrew a slim gold square and crossed the room.  “Montgomery,” he exclaimed, shaking Lee’s hand.  “Good to see you again!  And Miss Sullivan,” he said bowing.  “It’s an honor to renew our acquaintance.  Your dance card, ma’am.” He handed her a gold-leaf book with a tiny pencil attached by an ivory silk cord.  She took it, using her best acting skills to appear perfectly at ease. Mr. Hathaway continued. “Lee, there are a number of people here who wish to talk to you.”

So far I’ve received two nice reviews on The Wild One.  The first, 4 stars from Romantic Times

Eagan’s talent for creating fast-paced stories and three-dimensional characters makes for a nonstop tale. Adding a large dose of sexual tension, a memorable cast of secondary characters and the theater backdrop simply multiplies readers’ enjoyment .

The second, 4 cups (same as stars :)) from Coffee Time Romance:

. . .Their differences make their story all the more involving and once they leave San Francisco, their adventures make the book impossible to put down. The author has created memorable characters and has a gift for describing the West of the late 1800’s very well. . .

See?  That research really does come in handy!


  1. Sounds great, Dee! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Awesome, Dee. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

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