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Time Travel Fantasies


Who wouldn’t want to travel back in time and witness a point in history that’s always fascinated you?

That’s the fun of time travel romances. In most I’ve read, a modern-day heroine travels back to meet a hunky hero of the past. But sometimes it’s the hero who travels back to meet a fair maiden of history.

But the real fun is in seeing how a modern day character deals with living in the past where modern conveniences they take for granted don’t yet exist. And writing dialogue for these characters is nothing short of fun. Words in use now, often had an entirely different meaning in the past, while other words used today, didn’t even exist.

I’ve written one time travel, Erin’s Rebel, where a modern-day journalist travels back to the time of the American Civil War and meets the Confederate soldier of her dreams. While trying to deal with the time travel element and keep the heroine in a modern state of mind, while the historic plot unfolded, wasn’t always easy; it did turn out to be lot of fun. So much so that I’ve incorporated a bit of time travel into my new short story, Angel of My Dreams, for our American Civil War romance anthology. Although this story’s not a traditional time travel romance, the plot revolves around the ghost of a Civil War nurse and reincarnation. And this time the hero is the modern-day character.

Have any of your read any time travel romances? And what do you think of them?

What time period would you most like to visit?



  1. Denise Eagan says:

    I don’t know if I have, now that you mention it. I’ve considered writing a few though, because of what you said. Sending modern people back in time and seeing how they handle it–lots of fun!

  2. Deb says:

    I LOVE Time Travels. My first book, although it will remain unpublished, was one. Sending someone back to another time creates instant conflict and is great fun. Favorite time period? Any time from the Civil War through 1900.

    BTW, your new WordPress site is very nice…much prettier than before. Well done!

  3. Paisley Kirkpatrick says:

    I love time travel. My first was Knight in Shining Armor and that story got me hooked on time travels. Just about any era delights me.

  4. I, too, love time travel on occasion. I’m not sure I’d like them for a steady diet. For me, anytime Regency onwards is good for a read.

    But what I’d really like to do is travel back through time as a virtual reality/ghost sort of thing. You know, so my body is safe in its heated/air conditioned room–with soap and showers and such. Then my mind is free to observe the history as it unfolds. Hmm, I feel a story idea coming on.

  5. Denise Eagan says:

    Oh Deb, thanks! I keep fiddlin’ with the darned site; I can’t help it. I am never, ever going to be happy! I know I drive the other Scandalous Vics nuts 🙂

    I have a time travel I would like to do, sending a couple people–two brothers–back to the Civil War. But there’s so many other books first. . .

  6. Thanks for your input, ladies! And I like your idea, Jenn! Sort of like virtual time travel without the discomfort and danger. LOL.

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