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Tuesday Ten: More Cowboy Slang


I’ve done some blogs on unique words cowboys used, but here are some phrases that are just as colorful!


She wasn’t ankle high to a June bug.

Looked like he’d been sawed off at the pockets

He couldn’t brag without a box to stand on.


So tall he couldn’t tell when his feet were cold

He sprung up like a spring toadstool

Built like a snake on stilts


If he’d a closed one eye, he’d look like a needle

So think you couldn’t a hit him with a fistu full of gravel

He had to stand twice in the same place just to cast a shadow


He was fat in the middle and pore at each end

Another twenty pounds and she could a joined a sideshow

Beef plumb to the hocks


He ain’t zactly tongue tied when it comes to makin’ chin music

As full of verbal lathers as a shavin’ mug

They ought to hire him to keep the windmill goin’


As quiet as a thief in a hencoop

So quiet yuh could hear daylight comin’

Quiet as a hoss thief after a hangin’


Grinnin’ like a jackass eatin’ cactus

He’s steppin’ as high as a blind dog in tall grass

Grinnin’ like a weasel peekin’ in a henhouse door


Looked as sad as a bloodhound’s eye

Happy as a hog bein’ dragged away from a feed trough

His luck was runnin’ kinda muddy


His neck was so short they took him out and stretched it

He climbed the golden stair on a rope

A case of a stiff neck an’ a short drop

Dude or Drugstore Cowboy:

One of them stall-fed tenderfeet

Never been closer to a cow than a milk wagon

He’s shore pea green if I ever saw one



  1. Susan Macatee says:

    That was funny! Like the hunk up there too.

    My favorite was “If he’d a closed on eye, he’d look like a needle.”

  2. Georgie Lee says:

    The sayings are great. I liked “He couldn’t brag without a box to stand on.” I may have to add a few of these to my repertoire.

  3. Paty Jager says:

    Nice photo! And great lines! My favorite is “He’s so ugly flies won’t light on him.”;)

  4. Sarita Leone says:

    Luck runnin’ kinda muddy – I like that! Great post. 🙂

  5. Nicole McCaffrey says:

    Thanks, ladies. I love how colorful the sayings are–and what great mental images they paint in your mind!

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