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Victorian Games


OK, we all know Victorians were into games – cards, croquet, tennis, you name it, they did it, invented it, or expanded upon it. Modern poker comes from the American West, as does the precursor of Pinochle, Bezique.

But the games they really excelled in was one of status. The upper class may have been involved in reforms, but they wanted to maintain their own status more than they wanted to change the world. Fashion, punctuality, manners, etiquette, you name it, they knew it. And anyone who didn’t, was shunned and considered of the lower class.

So let’s play a little game: How much do you know about Victorian etiquette? The Keys to History site has a great game where you can test your knowledge of the time and fashion. Victoriana

What’s your high score?



  1. Cynthia Owens says:

    Great blog, Christine. I see this quiz is from the McCord Museum in Montreal. Have you ever been there? I used to haunt the place, as I worked in Montreal for years. They had a fantastic exhibit a few years ago on parasols.

    If you ever get a chance to see it, the exhibits are great.

  2. Jennifer Ross says:

    Hey, Cynthia. When I was in Montreal “a few years ago”, I tried to go to the McCord Museum, but they were closed! What a shame. I even have my heroine shopping for parasols whilst in Quebec. That exhibit would have been fantastic.

    Off to try my hand at the quiz.

  3. Denise Eagan says:

    I did horribly! I’m going to have to do some major brushing up, I guess.

  4. Jennifer Ross says:

    I didn’t do well, either, Dee. Its a very good thing the game is forgiving since you can just keep going until you get it right.

    I say my problem was a WOMAN giving etiquette rules in a MAN’s club. How would she know? I bet I was closer to the truth.

  5. alternatefish says:

    apparently I’m much better at being a Victorian man than a Victorian woman. Except the clothes. I aced the clothes.

    so basically, if I get transported back 150 years, I’ll know how to dress myself but I better keep my mouth shut. or else disguise myself as a man.

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