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As I bang my head against my computer desk I realize it’s probably not helping. Funny thing is, no matter how hard I bang, the words I need aren’t appearing on the screen. I think that’s highly unfair. Erato, the muse of erotic poetry and the closest I can get to what I’m doing now, is laughing. I’m certain I can hear her.

I can tell the story, that’s not the problem. I can plot it and play with it and plan it out until it’s all nice and neat. Everything’s ordered. Everything works. I’ve got a story! A wonderful, pretty, finished, story.

I just can’t tell you what it’s about. My order’s gone. I forget key points, but are they really key? I mean should I put them in because they’re secondary characters. But what if the story only makes half sense because they’re not there? Or will it muck it all up if I do put them in, and throw off whatever flow I manage to organize?


OK, that didn’t actually make me feel better, but this blog did. I think I’ll put the 1 1/4 pages it’s taken me a week to write away for now. I’m sure there’s something else I can write in the meantime.


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  1. Susan Macatee says:

    I agree. A synopsis is one of the most difficult things to write. You know what your story’s about, but you have to decide what should and shouldn’t be included.

    Good luck working it out.

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