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New Year’s Goals Revisited


It’s April and we’re now more than one quarter into the new year. I thought I’d revisit the writing goals I made in January on this blog to see how I’ve done so far.

1) Finish rewrite of Erin’s Rebel.
Not only did I finish, but the full manuscript is now on the desk of the acquisitions editor at Medallion Press.

2) Revise outline of Katie Rose and write first draft.
The outline revision is finished and I’m one hundred pages into the first draft.

3) Enter 1 contest per month for Erin’s Rebel.
I’ve entered 3 contests and gotten results for the first two. I didn’t win or final, but I got fairly high scores. The third contest I won’t get the results of until later this month.

4) Post 2 new blogs here and 2 per week on my personal blog.
So far this year I’ve posted 12 blogs on this site. On my personal blog I’ve posted 6 blogs each for January and February, so I fell a little short, but I posted 9 blogs in March.

5) Start preliminary work on my futuristic romance.
I’ve started world-building and creating characters for my first futuristic romance.

So, aside from falling a little short on the blogging, I’ve done pretty well on my 2007 goals, so far.


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