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I Survived My First Signing!

It’s late Sunday night and I’m still too excited to sleep, so I decided to post a blog tonight.

I survived my first book signing! I was signing my first book, In Sunshine or In Shadow, at my local library today, an event that brought with it a lot of anticipation and a truckload of trepidation.

It was a lovely spring day, which I think might have brought me a little bit of luck. It was also the last day of school spring break, and lots of people were coming back from vacation and needed to return their books. Another good sign.

The library had set up a table for me, with a poster advertising the signing, as well as postcards featuring my gorgeous cover design. I got there a few minutes early to set up, and I put out my stacks of books, my pens, my list of things to write in the book (I always found just signing my name and “Best wishes” was too impersonal). I put out my basket of candy and my bookmarks. And I had my best friend there to do a little introduction.

Scarcely had I finished setting up than people began to arrive asking for books. I even had three reporters from the local media asking for interviews! Three! I guess I was the celebrity of the month! I was also informed that In Sunshine or In Shadow was this month’s choice for the local book club.

My friend gave a touching little introduction, and then I was on. I had chosen to read the first chapter because that’s really where the book starts (the prologue takes place a few months earlier). My knees were literally shaking, but I took advice from an actor friend and took a few deep breaths, then imagined I was reading for just one person. And not only did I get through it, but people came up to me afterward and told me they really enjoyed it, and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!

I ordered 25 books from my publisher. I sold every one.

All in all, it was a very good day!



  1. Susan Macatee says:

    That’s great, Cynthia.

    I’ve just finished your book and it was a fantastic read. It’s good to hear you did so well with your signing and sold lots of books.

  2. Cynthia Owens says:

    Thanks, Susan. I’m glad you enjoyed Rory and Siobhan’s story. It truly is the “book of my heart.” I’ve just submitted the sequel to my editor, and hopefully she’ll like it as much as she liked Sunshine!

  3. Kristin-Marie says:

    What a wonderful experience!

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