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Victorian Romance, North American Style


We are a small group of romance writers who focus primarily on the Victorian era, from 1837-1900. Our settings range from the U.S to Canada–our time periods from the Antibellum era, through the Civil War, Reconstruction, Western Expansion and the Gilded age.

We expect to use this blog to reach other writers, readers and people who are just interested in the period. As Victorian writers, we must do massive amounts of historical research; no complaints as it is a labor of love. We want to share aspects of that research with others who have similar interests to ours, and have on-line “discussions” about it. The Victorian Era, with it’s quick changing technology (telegraph, telephone, gas lights and electricity), social upheaval, and thirst for exploration, was an exciting, vibrant time in history.

So here we are! Let’s have some fun!



  1. Jeanmarie Hamilton says:

    Great start! Looking forward to the extensive information offered here on the Victorian Time Period.

  2. UFO Queen says:

    Eureka, I’ve found …

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